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Why “Eat Less and Clean, Exercise More” Does Not Work​

It's not your fault if you're struggling to keep the weight off. And it doesn't have be a constant struggle! The missing link in traditional dieting is here, but first...

I want you readers out there who are also going through this same cycle as me - or maybe even worse than I was- hear what my story is all about and then decide for yourselves whether/when they should give up on their diets again; because after 2 decades worth of failed attempts at maintaining an ideal body type (through calorie counting alone), nothing had worked until now: FASTWORKOUTFEASTREPEAT

– Marian Leonte, Company Owner


is a must before you commit to start a fitness program, to check the level of fitness you are, and see what improvements you can do in order to have a healthy life, prevent diseases, injuries later on

  • General health evaluation - RHR, RBP, peak flow
  • Body composition - skin measurements, BMI
  • Dynamic Fitness Assessment - flexibility test, Cooper 1.5 Mile, Queen College Step Test, Multistage Fitness Test
  • Muscular endurance tests
  • Muscular strength tests
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Eat, Exercise, and Live the Right Way

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Our Latest Blog Entry

15 March 2022

 Intermittent fasting is not just a pop fad, it's been practiced for centuries. If you're looking to get more out of your day and feel better about yourself, intermittent fasting might be the answer!

Consider these three reasons why you should give this lifestyle change a go:

1) You'll actually eat less food because of how often you are eating........

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Our First Blog Entry

27 August 2021

 Despite recent popularity, fasting is a famous practice in different religions and cultures for thousands of years. There are several ways of fasting in which people avoid drinking and eating foods for a defined period of time. This time period may vary in different methods and cultures.

Similarly, intermittent fasting involves cycling periods of fasting and eating, ranging from hours to days at a time......

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“Leo has been monitoring my progress for the last few months now and has helped me to build myself up and lose the excess weight thanks to his training program, i exercise with him regularly on a weekly basis to improve my stamina and conditioning levels. He knows exactly what i should and should not be doing and advises me on what to do very carefully. I will be recommending him to people i know without a second thought.”

– A. Fernando, Director, Skynnexav

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The best way to maintain your health is through regular check-ups. You can also use the online BMI calculator  to see if you need any adjustments in your daily routine.