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About Us

Transform Your Lifestyle With Us

            LEO FIT HAPPENS is here to help you break your cycle of bad habits and poor health. We specialize in helping everyone, no matter the age or duration they have been at it for. With our expert team who are trained in fitness mentoring we can guarantee that if there's anything special about yourself then Leo "Fit Happens"  will find a way into making things happen with ease.

            We want every client be able take time off from living constantly feeling low self-esteem so as not having anxiety while also getting back on track toward success (and staying strong when challenges arise).

It is not about what you eat, it is about when and how often do you eat. By extending the periods between your meals just a bit, you lower your glucose level and give your body a chance to do what it does naturally–burn fat for energy. With intermittent fasting, Leo "Fit Happens" will take you to a journey of life transformation.

            We carry out personalised coaching, guidance, tailored consultation subscriptions, and customised diet plan through membership plans. Marian Leonte extensive military fitness-related background and more than 2 decades of body transformation will change your relationship with food and help you stay consistent in getting fit.

            We will be with you to guide you on your journey to personal health and success. Contact us to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation. We guarantee results or you get your money back! You can also check out our other endorsements here. 

Company History

“I worked in the army from my early 20s to early 30s. I have always been slightly heavier than my colleagues, but it never bothered me as I can still hurdle the army programs and exercises at 180 lbs. on my 5' 9" frame.

I continued to gain weight slowly over the years. When I left the army, I was 220 lbs.

Later on, I lessened my cardio endurance training and engaged myself into resistance training. Through the latter, I was able to compete in bodybuilding competitions. Joining this kind of competition gave me better ideas on meal preparations, losing fat, and maintaining muscles. After 6 months of bodybuilding, I lost 58 lbs.

My approach in competition training was the usual "eat less and clean, exercise more."

However, whenever I went back to my usual diet and exercise routine, I would regain the weight I've lost. I could not keep my body lean all the time. Eventually, I noticed that something was wrong with what I was doing. Trying to find a better approach to getting fit, I learned about intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting does not just help me lose fat, but it also improves my overall health. In addition, it helps me figure out the real problem in dieting  “decreasing the insulin sensitivity of my body.”

Now, I can sustain my body fat percentage at a low level than it ever was. I can also enjoy eating my favorite meals. My life is now balanced without the need to track my macro intake. Most importantly, I feel more energised than the usual.”

– Marian Leonte, Company Owner 

About Marian Leonte

Have you ever desired for a personal trainer who values your lifestyle just as much as he values fitness? If yes, then today is the day! Meet “Leo” a renowned sports coach and wellness expert. His passion towards healthy living has made him persistent in bringing about his own revolution; transforming many lives into healthier versions of themselves with help from an experienced professional like himself.

Who knows what will come out after countless hours spent sweating bullets or going through endless squats at our gym on Wednesday nights...but rest assure that no matter how hard things get during training sessions there's always hope because we're part of something bigger than ourselves here: A community where everyone works together to build each other up instead

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to help you understand the benefits of an intermittent fasting diet. We do this by providing personalized approaches online and over the phone, as well as through seminars and training sessions for those interested in learning more about how it can benefit them personally too!

What Makes Us the Best Among the Rest?

After a thorough assessment, we'll know what the real issue about your weight problem is. We can then create tailored plans to solve such concerns and see you on your way towards success!

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